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Study the driver’s manual

You can either read it online or study it by downloading a PDF to learn on the go.

Take robust practice tests

Our robust practice tests train you in way that you know the driver’s manual by heart.

Take the exam simulator

The exam simulator feels just like the official exam generating a new set of questions every time you restart it.

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After completing your practice, book an appointment at the DMV which you will definitely pass with flying colors

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Our practice tests help you clear your DMV thoroughly and quickly

Questions similar to the ones on the actual test

State specific

Driving laws differ from state to state; this is why we don’t settle for generic practice tests. We have designed specific question for each and every state in the USA.

Factually correct and up to date

We use your state’s official handbook and traffic laws to prepare the latest questions

Similar to actual driving license test

Our test is quite similar to the actual driving license test with a lot of identical questions

DMW Manual’s Best Friend

Effective learning

In order to learn effectively you need to know how the theory part is put into practice. We provide challenging tests that correct you in real time to help you really imbibe the knowledge you certainly need.

Real time correction

Firstly, no matter the amount of preparation you have put, when you have just answered a question you want to know the answer. Secondly, we provide exactly this by telling you if it is right or not. Thirdly, we praise you for the correct answer boosting your confidence. Finally, if it is wrong we give you the right one as well as the explanation behind it.

Challenge Bank

In every test, there are questions which we do not know the answer to right? We understood this and devised a challenged bank that stores question which you did not attempt or answered wrong. This ensures that you revisit them again to beat them during the DMW exam.

The Ultimate Knowledge Test Preparation

Structure like that of DMW Test

With the same number of questions and passing score, our driving test has the same structure as DMW.

Increase your confidence

As you know confidence is king, which is why we focus on how this test will increase your confidence. Thankfully, we have got the right thing here.

We keep motivating you along the way with positive words and encouragement while you study hard.

Mixing things up through Gamification

Gamified Driver’s Ed Motivation to keep learning

We make studying for your driving test feel like a game quite literally at times.


Our driving tests offer enough engagement for you that it feels like you playing instead of studying.

Tests Available both online and offline

The same state specific DMW driving tests available on our website can be taken offline.

What’s a driving test?

A driving test is a form of evaluation which detects the ability of person to operate a vehicle. The vehicle type can be passenger car, private vehicle or commercial vehicle. In the United States, it is mandatory to pass the driving test in order to obtain a driver’s license. The state government’s DMW is responsible for the issuance of driver’s license as well as administration of driving tests. Moreover, the driving test consists of mainly two parts.

The first one is “DMW written test” also known as written knowledge test and the second one being the road test. Most importantly, the “DMW written test” checks the knowledge of the learner driver. The questions that come in the written test are based on the information like road rules, traffic laws and signs, fines, limits as well as safe driving practices. On the other hand, the road test or skill test checks how well the person drives the vehicle.

Things you need to practice for your driving test

There a lot of things you need to go over more than once in order to clear your driving test. This includes

1)Knowing your own car

There is nothing like knowing your own car from how sensitive to the brake and gas pedal are to other idiosyncrasies. It also tells us if there are any issues that you need to resolve with indicators, windshield wipers, seats and more. Most importantly, taking your own car is better than driving in a completely new car. This is because you already know the feel and functions of your car. This is because , if you get stuck anywhere during your test you will know whether it is the car or your own oversight


The quote practice makes a man perfect has not been passed down by generations for nothing. In fact, it is quite true as the more you practice the better you become at something. Taking regular lessons makes you aware of everything you will need to know about driving. Common lessons include how to reverse a car, the street signs you must know as well as what is the accepted speed that you drive your car at.

3)Set the right challenges

It is important to train in particular scenarios like tough weather conditions and emergency driving. This includes driving cautiously in case of heavy rain or even stopping during a thunderstorm. Doing these type of mock situations will help you ace the test. Most importantly, if there is an emergency on road your reaction should be the correct one. For example, following a big truck at a safe distance and letting ambulance pass.

4)Do not forget the 4 rules

The four rules are making the right observations and minimizing distractions, using the right signaling, showing good control and adhering to the speed limit. This not only keeps you in examiner’s good books but boosts your confidence about driving. Some of the common actions that fall under these rules are : changing lanes only when it is safe to do so, using turn signals, waiting for school buses and driving at the mentioned speed limit.

Other Driving Test Tips

Fact – Data shows that people who take our practice tests and study the DMW manual are 73% more likely to clear the test than the ones who study manual alone.

Do you know that when they take DMW written test for the first time, only 5 out of 10 people clear it? The results of a nationwide survey that had over 500 participants who visited the DMW reflect our success rate.

85 % of those who took our drivers practice test passed the DMW exam.

This is in comparison to only 45 % clearing it out of 500 when surveyed visitors who did not use our test to practice.

We allow learner drivers to take sample learners permit test as well as driver’s license practice test for free. There is no limit to the amount of times you can take the test until you are ready for the real thing.

Carry the right documents


Know the region around your test center

Practice the most common driving errors

Take proper rest

Ask questions

Be on time

Dress Comfortably