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What do we provide?

We provide services for practicing mock driver theory tests for Car, Bike, Heavy vehicle for Uk, where you can practice unlimited times and become a pro in your real driving theory exam.

Just by simply choosing which type of vehicle you want to practice to get your license, select the type of vehicle and take up the tests which we provide.

By taking up these tests, you will gain the confidence of clearing the actual DVSA theory test, which is set by DVSA.

Online Services:

This driving theory test can be accessed online from any smart device.


No more purchasing for practicing drivers theory test. We provide all driving theory test for free of cost.

Topics for DVSA Theory Test:

In this test, topics covered regarding driver theory test are Road and traffic rules, Rules of road, Vehicle handling, Safety Margins, Emergencies, Atitude, Weak Road users, and Vehicle loading.

Extend your driving Score just by Practicing these Mock Tests

You will have different types of mock tests for car, bike, Heavy vehicles on this website. Each mock theory test consists of 45 questions. For each category, will be having 10-15 mock tests.

Practice driving theory test with similar sort questions that you will be getting on the real theory test.

The sort of questions that you will be practicing on mock tests will be based on road signs and road rules. Just by stepping through these mock tests, you will be able to clear your real driving theory test.

Type Of Test

Type Of Tests

These mock theory tests are all of the multiple-choice questions where each test consists of 45 questions you need to choose the answer. All these questions are prepared from the latest versions of the DVSA theory test question bank. At the same time, you can practice the DVLA theory test online here.

What’s the Score to pass this mock test?

To clear your mock test, you need to get 38 questions correct out of 45 questions that are 84%.

To Seek Your results:

You can view your results after every mock test where you can see how many questions you have answered are correct and how many questions you have answered wrong.

Are you facing Any issues?

Any issues, you can directly drop your issues in the help manual.

Mock Theory Test

Characteristic of Mock Theory Test

By taking up these mock tests, you will be getting an approximate idea about the road signs in UK and road rules in Uk how much you know. By taking these tests, your knowledge will increase regarding driving in Uk. This knowledge will be beneficial for you if you are newly planning to take up the real driving theory test.

  • Accessibility: This mock theory tests can be taken through your mobile phone or tablet or your pc, and you can access these online theory test for free completely
  • Time Simulator: For each test, you won’t have any time limit. You can take down the test peacefully.
  • Feedback: You can give feedback regarding the driver theory tests, or if you have any questions, you can drop your queries and feedback after the test, or else you can also give feedback after every question.


Driving Theory Test

Access to clear your Real Driving Theory Test

Go through new versions of the Highway Code and practice all the mock theory tests for several times for better results.