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The DMV written test is a digital practice test based on your state’s DMV handbook. In the USA, all states will require you to pass this written exam before moving on to the road test.

A written examination in the USA aims to give the DMV a way to evaluate the new driver’s ability to understand the exam pattern and follow common traffic laws essential for safe driving. All states will require two tests to earn your driver’s license for both the written exam and the road test.

Written examinations in many states DMV’s have seen changes, often making the test longer with higher score requirements. Currently, the overall score to pass the DMV written test is 80%, with some states holding lower standards and a few increasing the average.

We take reality directly through the handbook and create practice test questions similar to those you will see on the actual driver’s written test.

Those wishing to receive a first-time license find they must take the written test multiple times through the licensing procedures.

DMV written practice test offers various online services to make your written test easy and efficient.

This website will provide online services so you can practice online for DMV written test.

If you take the practice for DMV written test, select your state first, then take the mock trial several times. There is no time limit if you take 20 attempts for each state. Take a practice test and review your correct answers.

Suppose you check your performance in the practice test. Where you can make mistakes and which topic do not perfect in the DMV practice test. Easily to overcome your mistakes and gain knowledge for DMV written test.

You’ll earn 80% knowledge about the driving process, rules and regulations.


Take the exam simulator.

The exam pattern is designed to feel like the official exam, and the exam simulator generates a present set of questions every time you restart it. The real questions and answers from your local DMV written test. It has the same format and rules.


If you get fast:

Take a practice DMV written test in a few minutes, and you get feedback immediately. Our tests provide immediate results so that you will instantly know feedback for answering a question correctly. Our test explains each answer to help you understand and retain the information better.

No registration free require:

The service on this website is free and does not require registration.

Pass your official DMV written test:

Once you have practised enough, make an appointment for the DMV written test. You will be ready to pass the official exam for the first time!

Practice for DMV written test your chances of passing the official DMV exam with these state-specific practice tests.

But rest assured, you have free practice tests to help you pass the DMV written portion of the exam. Start practising today so you can start driving in the U.S.
Once you acquire your driving license, you will be looking for that first car driving, too- exciting times!!

All the best!!